About Us


Warren Cardwell, Owner and Managing Director

Australiana Flags is a renowned flag merchant in Australia and internationally and highly regarded for vexillology, flag design, and etiquette advice.

In 2017 the founder John Vaughan, OAM, sought a like-minded new owner for the business who was a perfect fit as a friend and colleague in Warren Cardwell, also a Vexillologist and Vexillographer.

His company Beard Watson Pty Limited, purchased the business which has enabled Australiana Flags to develop the existing business, creating opportunities for innovation, new products, service initiatives and initiatives that reduce risks on our environment.

Warren has an in-depth practical retail knowledge having worked for Australia’s best retailers. His down to earth enthusiastic approach in business, his lifelong interest in flags, his creativity, design skills, along with his knowledge of history along with societal changes has enabled the business to expand on it’s existing legacy, traditions and vision.

Warren works jointly with a skilled dynamic team of people involved at various levels with the business, because as they say, “one person could not do it on their own.”

Today, Australiana Flags endeavours to produce the finest flags, for their existing and loyal customers along with new customers, with a focus on design, creativity, and history with no compromise on quality and friendly service.

The company is very much aware of environmental issues and improving sustainability in all areas within the business and although not a quick fix is always looking at new ways of helping the environment.