Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Flag Emblem

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Flag

Date: Emblem Design 2021, Flag 2022

This attractive new Queen’s Platinum Jubilee flag has been created by competition in the UK to mark the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne by the Royal Household and the Victoria and Albert Museum London.

The winner of the competition Edward Roberts a nineteen-year-old graphic design student from Nottinghamshire studying at Leeds University. His winning emblem is now incorporated into a flag.

The colour purple has been used which traditionally symbolises Royalty. The shade closely corresponds to the “Robe of Estate” and Coronation Gown. The circle to border St Edward’s Crown, creates the impression of a Royal Seal, and incorporated the number ’70’, signifying the Platinum Jubilee, within the top of the Crown.

The font used for the lettering is ‘Perpetua’, which means ‘forever’, and reflects the font style that appeared on Her Majesty’s Coronation Order of Service in 1953.

Edward said, “For my design, I wanted to give a modern twist to the iconic elements of St Edward’s Crown, and so I created a continuous line, which I felt was a fitting representation of The Queen’s reign.”

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