Flag Care and Maintenance 

How to Prolong the Life of your Flags

  • Avoid flying your flags during periods of inclement weather especially in strong winds coupled with rain – the very worst of conditions!
  • Never, ever place your flags in storage when wet or even damp.
  • As soon as any fraying or any other type of wear is evident on any part of a flag, replace it with a spare and have the damaged flag dispatched to the flag maker for professional repairs.
  • Make a fortnightly diary note to thoroughly check each flag in use for any form of fatigue to the fabric, crosses, stars, field of the Australian National Flag, the hoist band, hoist rope or metal fittings connecting the flag to the halyard.
  • Keep your flags clean of dust, dirt, stains etc. by regularly laundering them. Ideally, this should be carried out immediately prior to mending if the flag is showing any sign of wear. Remember, grit grinds away at the fibres of material and a clean flag looks impressive. This is a matter of flag etiquette as well as good house-keeping.
  • Diarise monthly to inspect the flagpole, halyards, clips and cleat. Should any problems be evident, take urgent action to remedy the faults.
  • When the stock of any one design of flag is reaching the end of its life, it is time to order new flags from your flag maker, thus avoiding the potential embarrassment of not having a fresh flag on hand for that special celebration or commemoration.
  • Remember, your flags represent you, your country, your city or your company. The care and attention you show your “colours” reflects directly on your image.