Our founder John Christian Vaughan’s love of flags began with his grandfather selling Australian flags from his barbershop in Chatswood, NSW in the 1950s. His fascination with flags came not only from his passion for history but also his interest in the construction of the flags themselves. John fondly recalls: “the way they were actually made of wool bunting and the realisation that they were, in fact, quite delicate things.”

After pursuing some other career possibilities, John knew he could not envision a future away from flags and so…Australiana Flags was born. Nearly half a decade on and John is now an internationally renowned vexillographer and an esteemed authority on the subject of flags. He founded the Australian National Flag Day and has been involved in key national events including the First Fleet Re-enactment during our Bicentennial celebrations in 1988.

Upon retiring, John sought a suitable new owner and manager for Australiana Flags to carry on its traditions and vision for the future. A perfect fit was found in his friend and colleague Warren Cardwell. In 2017, the business was handed on to Warren who has vast retail experience and a lifelong interest in flags, history and design. Australiana Flags’ commitment to excellence, precision, history, design and expert craftsmanship continues, along with technological advancement and new opportunities.