Tradition Meets Technology

For over 40 years we’ve been renowned for our passion for absolute accuracy and precision craftsmanship. From hand-stitching and hand-finishing and through to the latest technology, we’re constantly evolving to ensure we produce only the highest quality flags. Our traditions, technology and technique include:

Sewn Flags

  • Manufactured to replicate existing traditional designs or your own, custom design and colours.
  • 100% Defence Force bunting cloth used to ensure accurate and lasting representation of colours.
  • Either UV marine-grade rope or flat tape fitted with moss or mardon sister clips ready for flying.
  • Bespoke yacht and other burgees are either machine sewn, screen-printed or dye or ink-printed to suit complex designs.
Australiana Flags packaging

Appliqué Flags

  • Prestige locations require an appliquéd flag.
  • This is the original way to make a flag and still the most durable.
  • 100% hand-made using traditional fabrics and techniques.
  • The design for each flag is made using pre-cut patterns or images then transferred to the base fabric. The separate elements are then sewn to create a hand-finished flag. This type of flag has a mirror image.

Appliqué Flags with Printed Images

  • This combines new techniques with traditional methods.
  • Complex designs are dye-printed and then sewn onto the field of the flag which results in the look and feel of a fully appliquéd flag at a more cost-effective price.
  • This technique is ideal for club flags or burgees and can incorporate accurate Pantone colours.

Ceremonial Flags and Ensigns

  • The highest quality ceremonial flags are made in our workrooms using high-grade Defence Force bunting cloth.
  • Suitable for ceremonial events, prestigious offices or halls.
  • From standard National flags through to custom-designed flags.

Each of our flags are finished with strong, UV rated headbands and are rope or flat-tape attached with metal or UV rated sister clips.